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Being a Martial Artist

August 22, 2007

Being a Martial Artist

One must have discipline, control, and confidence. These principles or virtues help to lay the foundation on which knowledge may be built and wisdom may grow. They provide the means through which learning can occur. Training involves the body, the mind, and, most important, the interaction of the two. Perfection of such interaction is the goal of much sweat and frustration over an entire lifetime.

There are many reasons why individuals study martial arts. The motivations are as varied as the people who train. Yet, all martial artists have certain things in common. Each must contend with their own limitations. Each must renew their waning interests and motivation. Each must endure the pain and stress on the body. Each must study and seek understanding of the subtleties of movement and technique and even physics and geometry that inevitably affect the learning and application of technique.

All aspects of character - fortitude, resilience, stamina, courage and more serve to facilitate the study of martial arts and are in turn strengthened, forged and honed in the process. Who we are as people, mentally, psychologically, establishes our identity as martial artists.

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